A Day With My Lifesaver - Maid!

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As my day kick started, I realised I am going to have a rough day! Reason? My maid had called up early in the morning saying she won’t be able to make it, owing to her illness! I muttered in anguish, “they always get away with such stupid reason”. Frustrated to the core, I was clueless what work I am going to take up first. Should I clean utensils? Should I broom and then clean utensils or should I cook and then do the rest? There were hundreds of questions, confusions popping in my head and on the other side I was just infuriated that why my maid ditched me at the last moment?

Finally, I decided to do dusting followed by brooming. Dusting was my everyday job so I undertook it wholeheartedly (not that I love doing it). Then came the encounter with the broom which was extremely tiring. I bent, slept, reached out to every nook and corner, coughed, whined but I undertook that with utmost efforts. Mopping was more or else the same which was unhappily followed by cleaning of utensils. My office work, cooking went for a toss and I had to order food to feed the hungry tummies of my father-in-law (who is no less than a child) and husband (child no.2). Forget about mine, yeah yeah, I AM ON DIET.

Well, after this roller-coaster ride, I had made my mind to scold my maid to the fullest the very next day. My day usually starts early as I go for my morning walk! So, as soon as I crossed the main gate of my society, I saw my maid and I literally heaved a sigh of relief. I was pissed but I exchanged the usual morning greetings! My society flaunts a large area and I almost undertake 6 rounds of the society to meet my daily fitness regime. While doing these rounds rather at every round, I realized my maid running from one building to another. At one point, I saw her in one building and in the next round, somewhere else. This really left me pondering but then I winded up and headed home!

One thing that no one can change except me - is my maid’s timing (she is so damn punctual!). I had many questions, anger but I kept them on hold and let her do her work! I offered her tea (I know she loves it) and started our conversation that unraveled a plethora of perceptions. My maid was brought up in a farmer’s family and had to face hardships since childhood. She never knew what chapatti or rice was – unless she was invited in any wedding or celebrations. In fact, when they knew there is an upcoming wedding celebrations, then they would skip all meals just to relish the food. She grew up in the same manner with her siblings and one fine day got married to an overly aged person. She got married before hitting puberty (child marriage in short) and once she was matured enough – she had a farewell! Coming years were nightmare because her husband died suddenly leaving her alone with one kid!

Fortunately, her present husband accepted her with her child and she was blessed with a baby boy yet again. Curiosity opens new avenues and same thing happened with me! I decided to check her regime (not suspicious but want to see her management). She starts working from 5:30 am in the morning and ends her day at 6:00pm, 7:00pm or depends on the quantity of her work. She works likes a wildfire and literally runs from one building to another. She also takes up additional work so that she could earn few more pennies for her kids education. Amidst all this, she ignores her health but slogs to the core, putting up a never-ending smile. Sometimes, she also faces mood swings, anguish but that has never affected her quality of work. She works in almost 10 flats (2 and 3 BHK respectively) but I have never seen a sign of pain or dismay.
I worked for just one day and grumbled about it the whole day! Hats off to you Chhaya for being with us because you also play an integral part for the successes of our lives!


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