What a biased life!

Few days back, I came across an article about how daughter-in-law (DIL) are treated my their in-laws and husband. They are asked to quit jobs, live with family, hell lot of adjustments and are under immense pressure. In such cases, these daughter-in-laws feel tortured as their freedom is curtailed. As they ain't allowed to stay away from in-laws, a question pops in their head, "bete ko pass hi rakhna tha, toh shaadi kyun karwayi" (if you wished to keep your son under your control then why did you get him off married?).

I agree, but has anyone tried seeing the other side. Why people only highlight the plight of the weeping daughter-in-law and not about the parents? There are incidents that the same trauma or rather worst is faced by the in-laws. The DIL kicks them out of the house or if she decides to keep them then she makes them do household chores. If in-laws teach her the traditions of the house then she creates a scene and walks out of the house leaving behind the gifts that belong to her in-laws. I mean what is this? Do these girls think that marriage is a bed of roses or a filmy world? 

If you try teaching them, they tag it to be torturous. If you expect a cup of tea from them, they tag it as 'domestic violence'. They expect time from their in-laws to gel then the same time should be given to the in-laws too. One thing against you and you start bashing them with sharp and insulting words. Usually, girls complain that we are not allowed to work but in some cases if girls are asked to work so that there education is not wasted then they feel it to be torturous. I mean what they want? 

I accept some cases are very genuine and the in-laws are monsters but that doesn't mean all are? Girls marry with a mindset that in-laws are going to grill her and so she stays aloof from them. What should the parents do in such situations? Top of that, if you wish to live away from your in-laws, then earn for yourself and go away. In such case too they expect that parents should help them. If you only demand and are not ready to adjust then "shaadi kyun ki?" 


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