Parents... No one can take your place

People say that once you get married and start your own family, you realise the importance of your parents and that's very very true. December 2013, I completed a year and believe me my first year was not easy. I had no experience of working at home, keeping a check on grocery, looking after my 70-year old dad-in-law who is no less than a child, balancing work and home and so on. 

Being a pampered child all my life, these things were completely new for me. I had never bothered to take up these responsibilities when I was at my parent's home. My mom kept scolding me each and every day but you know we have this attitude - 'Who cares? Ho Jaayega!' And finally my mom's words starting echoing in my ears and head. It was a hurricane task for me to take up hell lot of responsibilities. Always being a daddy's girl, I had always remained away from work. But when I decided to take this forward, I realised and thanked God for gifting me wonderful parents.

My mom scolded me each day which I obviously did not care but she never stopped. She continued because she knew that ultimately I am going to need it. And yes! it worked. Surprisingly! I handled each and every responsibility with enthusiasm. I faced several obstacles but my parents never ever left me alone. They continued supporting me no matter what. My husband had a fractured leg and I was caught in an assignment which was very important. I could not meet and check on him the same day but hats off to my mother who took utmost care of him. She called me and said, "I know your busy with work and it is very important. Don't worry we are here with him. We are taking good care of him." These few but golden words made my eyes moist. I wondered what would have happened if they weren't around. 

Followed by hubby's accident, came a major setback - my surgery. I had almost 50+ stones in gall bladder which was infected and had become a serious issue. Everybody was tensed around but my mother stood by me even in the operation theatre to show support. My father shuttled between this patients and me. Even if I moved a inch my mother would wake up and would keep a check on me. My father would be awake the whole night keeping a tab with the nurse to know about my condition. They were worried, tensed but never shed a single tear. 

In the past, I have committed mistakes which I regret till date but they never gave up on me. There have been times when they needed me the most but my priorities forced me to be away from them, yet they never complained. Several times, we had fights where I have been wrong but they never left my back. They have always understood my situation and supported me. It makes me proud when people come to me and say that your parents are angels.  

Looking back at past situations, I have realised that this world is empty without parents. So, don't hurt them and be with them because they have never left you. I take this opportunity to thank my mom and dad for giving me all the happiness of the life and teaching me to cherish them forever. Love you mom and dad. I am sure one day, you shall too take this opportunity to show you care.


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