Ek Adhoori Love story

Finally! The lucky day dawned when I got a chance to watch the most amazing movie Fandry. I can only say that Fandry is one of the best films I have seen in ages. The direction, acting and the complete package is simply wow. While watching this film, some of the bad memories which me and friends had forgotten stood right in front of my eyes.

This dark memory is a love story about a friend of mine who was one of the most brilliant girl in our group. The girl belonged to a very educated and affluent family and her parents were the coolest parents I have ever come across. They were like buddies. Well, the love story started like any other love story. She met a boy through a common friend in a party and the cupid struck. It was not love-at-first-sight syndrome but yes they immediately liked each other's company. Their relationship started blooming and finally it was intense LOVE. Like any other girl, she also started dreaming of having happy married life with her Mr. Right. They promised, "hum kabhi jooda nahin honge." She even started grooming herself according to the likes of his mom. She convinced her parents which was definitely not a hurricane task. Parents met the boy, had nice talk, realised had common family friends and so on it lead to a happy leap.

The next step was convincing the boy's parents who lived among cosmopolitan people. The boy was confident that his parents will definitely agree because girl had everything that his mom wished - money, education and beauty. Well, the muhurta was right and he started narrating his love story to his parents. Forget education, beauty and brains, boom came the question - which caste she belongs to? And in a fraction of a second dreams collapsed. The boy never realised that caste could be hurdle (he belonged to an upper caste and the girl lower caste) because he was sure he could handle the situation. Money and fame was secondary for them because they believed they were popular because of their caste.

Well, we watch too many Bollywood films and so the couple like a Bollywood couple started planning to elope and lead a happy life. They thought, "once we have a kid, I am sure they will forgive us." But when you have a hurdle called 'caste', things are never easy as expected. My friend's parents would repeatedly call the boy's parents but nothing helped. They asked their common family friends to intervene but everything turned futile. His trust worthy friends, cousins, brothers turned a deaf ear to his pleads.

One fine day, mom had a small conversation with son and suddenly, everything changed. Don't worry the love story did not shape but eventually collapsed. The boy took a backseat and started blaming the girl that she should have been from upper caste. They met, cried, reminded each other of the promises they took but all in vain. And it was shocking that the boy got married in next six months. My friend was in a state of shock but what could she do? For the next few years, she could not come out from that trauma but things moved on gradually. Thanks to her parents (I wish every one had such loving parents).

We say we are educated then why we give importance to such things like 'caste'. The boy's mom's concern was that - "how will she interact in the society with a daughter-in-law of lower caste." In overnight, tables turned, a boy who was planning to elope and have a private wedding was against the relation. I understand we should care for our parents but sometimes they can go wrong. It's our responsibility to convince them, make them realise and understand. Love the inner soul of your partner and not his caste and if you are unable to do so do not fall in love.

So, what happened next? It took time for my friend to clean up the mess but she finally stood up. Today she is happily married and is blessed with a baby boy. She has washed away the dark past which she does not wish to recall. And will she? Never! because she is blessed with a life partner who has accepted her inspite of her past and also her caste. Yes, she had an inter caste marriage where the boy or his parents did not bother to ask her caste. They fell in love with her soul and realised what a beautiful human being she was. And today she leads a complete life.

And want to know about the boy? Who cares where he is and what is he doing? Just hoping that his caste is helping him to adjust with his married life.


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