Change in Marathi film industry

A year back me and my friends from Pune Mirror came up with a content agency called Vedh Content & Communication under which we started a website - This website is a one stop info website about Marathi films in English. As soon as this website was up, we started gathering information by visiting press conferences, premieres, events. While attending these events I realised the rapid change in the Marathi film Industry.

We came across various conferences which had a platter of uniqueness to offer. We attended some really superb premieres which had some amazing arrangements. One I would like to mention is the premiere of Lagna Pahave Karun (LPK) starring Umesh Kamat and Mukta Barve. And I must admit it was WOW! The central theme of the film was marriage and so the same theme was applied in the premiere too. Literally, the invitations were like a wedding invitation wherein the film crew was going to get married to the audiences. What a unique concept! The crew was dressed like typical baarati where each one of us felt like we were attending a wedding. The colourful sarees with the Brahman reciting mangalashtak was such a brilliant idea. 

Seriously, the events of Marathi films are no less then Red Carpet. The audiences are welcomed with huge rangolis and on the tunes of dhol and tutari. The feeling is so ecstatic. Its not just the premieres but all events prior the release of the film are hatke. One unique event was the music launch of Duniyadari. The theme of the launch was Red and White, and so the entire cast and crew was dressed in Red and White. The invitee list of these events is also worth watching. These events are attended by celebrities and politicians too. Here I would like to say that literally, the producers are taking utmost efforts to promote films in the best possible way.

I also observed that to strike chord with young hearts various events are organised at colleges too. These activities help in reaching each and every nook and corner of the state. This in turn helps in the popularity of each and every aspect revolving around the film in turn making it a huge hit. 

It felt so good that when children play Antakshari, they prefer singing Tik Tik wajate dokyat because they find it more melodious than Bollywood songs. Its not just songs but also the costumes, makeup, technical aspects of Marathi films are a huge hit. Along with all these aspects, not to forget the box office collections of the films are also going higher day by day. Young crowd is embracing this changing trend and I am sure we will see more experiments in the coming days. Maybe I have just touched few aspects of the industry but I am sure once you start watching more of Marathi films, you will realise that this entire package is awesome.  


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