Importance of relationships

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Few days ago my family faced a major setback because of the sudden demise of my grandmother. We all knew it was coming but when it suddenly happened felt as if we were not ready. She was 80, but she was fortunate that all her children were by her side leaving behind their anger and hatred. I could feel the pain in their eyes of losing their mother who raised them and made them successful in their lives. Looking at them I realised how fortunate my grandmother was who had such wonderful kids who never ever uttered a single word against her. On several occasions, they knew she was wrong but they never let situation go out of hand, instead explained her in best possible ways.

And today, I peep into our lives and realise that do we do the same to our parents? In our busy lives do we bother to spend quality time only for them? May be this situation might be different for each person but I am sure somewhere we have definitely hurt and ignored our parents in our tedious lives. While earning that extra penny, we often forget the bonds which have helped us to shape our lives. I know we have immense competition in the market to cope up with our daily lives but I think we should definitely take a break to be with our loved ones.

We realise at a very latter stage that wish I could have done this earlier. So, I  feel instead of regretting your decision and missing these magical moments, go and grab this chance now. You never know when will you get a second chance or you might never get one.


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