This blog is especially for all my friends. Love u all.

Friends are the best gift one can have. I always complained for having friends who never believed in the word FRIENDSHIP but today I have no chance to complain. 2009 had been the worst year for me. The only best thing happened to me was my Diploma course and my friends.

When I joined the course, I was working with Synechron. I use to leave early morning for office. Morning 8-5 office and then evening 6-8 classes. I used to be so tired that I hardly interacted with my classmates. My place “Talegaon Dabhade” helped me come close to all my friends because they found it unusual (travelling by train from such a far place) and that kickstarted our friendship. I quit my job and became a full time student. There was variety in my classes. I found students from IT sector, MBA grad’s, fresh Grad’s. The most energetic and chirpy personality in my class is Sneha. My first friend and jaan of our class. There’s so much to say about her that cannot be expressed in words. The love and support I got from her was simply great. As we started working on our group assignments I got introduced to everyone especially Bhushan, Anjali, Pranav, Rahul. The trip proved to be a turning point for all of us. Around that time I was facing a lot of family problems but all my friends truly helped me to come out of it. There was a time when I used to be almost in tears but I had all these friends to wipe them. When I had a rough phase Omkar, Sneha, Yogesh G, Bhushan, Sanket, Rahul made sure that I always be happy. They arranged trips, dinner and that really helped us to know each other well. Omkar, Bhushan, Sanket are younger than me but at times tyanche suggestions itke bhari asayche ki i use to feel that they elder than me.

Our college’s daily schedule was fixed. Come early to college; visit canteen, lectures and then chit-chat till my local timing. Apart from my college friends I had other friends too who really proved to be great friends. Bianca has been a true friend since school. She shifted to Mumbai but the distance has never bothered our friendship. Deepti always helped me when we were in Fergusson. She’s the only friend that I had in Fergusson and still continues. Dharini, Burzin helped me a lot when it came to Softwares (but unfortunately I quit Softwares). Coming from a non-technical background, MCM was tough for me but Burzin made it easy and helped me a lot. Dharini helped me with my Oracle Certifications. Vikram aka Vikya is my brother’s friend but we both gelled up easily. I meet him sometimes before college at Nirvana (a joggers park which he named as Nirvana) for tea. He is the biggest prankster in the group. Royston, Vicky, Sourabh again my brother’s friends became my very good friends when we had a party together. Vicky is famous for cooking all Chicken delicacies. His speciality is Chicken Fry. His all time ready for cooking and so is Ambareesh aka Ambya – a great Chef who’s just like an elder brother. Royston and Sourabh are the SADMAN of group (te nehmi gapp gapp asatat mhanun SADMAN). Being in new in the professional world i was scared of my colleagues but I was blessed with awesome colleagues. Sarita, Gitanjali, Vidyadhar, Purva, Milan and Swapna helped me a lot to cope with the office environment.

But among all my friends right from my school, my best of best friend has been my brother Rohit. He is a gem and always supported me. He’ll get angry but it lasts for few minutes. He made me realize my responsibilities, corrected my mistakes and that makes him the best brother and a friend. Sometimes, I forget that he is my elder brother as we both are so free with each other. I can share all my feelings and secrets with him. The credit goes to him because he has made me comfortable that way (Most of my friends especially girls are jealous because I have an awesome bro-cum-friend).

I always complained that I never had great friends and a great group. But today I can proudly say that I am blessed with an awesome bunch of friends. Thank you guys for making each and every moment special.


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