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Learn To Say NO For Baseless Demands!

It was a bright Sunday morning and Sumedh had no worries to wake up early and rush to work! He was in no mood to get up and hence was wallowing in the comfort of his bed. Midst that, he was glancing all over his room but he couldn't find Shreeja anywhere. "Oh, she must have gone for a morning walking", he thought and continued with his sleep. Suddenly, he heard sobs from his bathroom and ran to check out. He knocked and knocked repeatedly and the sobbing turned into a loud cry. It was Shreeja who was repeatedly shouting, "why me"? Her cries worried him and he started convincing her to open the door! Reluctant Shreeja was repeatedly saying the same words but Sumedh had no option then waiting! After 15 mins of convincing, she finally opened the door and Sumedh heaved a sigh of relief.

Shreeja ran into his arms and started crying at the top of her voice. "What happened, please tell me Shree", is what Sumedh continuously uttered. Finally, she placed the …

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